My daughter the punk.

P1010483This is my four year old daughter. I think she is a real cutie, and its easy to think that when she poses for the camera like this. This photo was taken today after she had her haircut, of course my wife didn’t bother asking my opinion about whether I thought she should get streaks in her hair or not. Can’t see the streaks? Check this out . . .


And we probably all know about that program on TV at the moment called “Honey, We’re Killing the Kids” where they horrify parents by telling them how their kids are going to turn out in the future. Well, I don’t need to go on that show to know what Bella is going to turn out like.

With a mother like Nicola, and a father like me, Bella is going to turn out like this geek chick from NCIS.

P.S. Bella – if you are reading this ten years from now, right when you are starting your rebelious phase, I want you to know that I knew it was coming – you can’t surprise me!


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