E-mail work item queries around.

Check out the numbers that DevDiv is getting out of their Team Foundation Server installation. The thing about Microsoft dogfooding TFS internally is that you know that its going to get a bashing by one of the most prolific software producing organisations in the work and that means that all of us in enterprise development land have a lot of headroom to grow into.

One of the statistics that I would like to see is how many Team Projects have been created. That would give us some indication as to how many of those work item queries have been created are developers taking a custom view.

I have actually been fortunate enough to use Product Studio (internal Microsoft tool) which probably informed a lot of the work item query capability, and one of the things that was useful with that tool was the ability to build a query and then e-mail it around to other people.

This is actually possible with Team Explorer as well. If you right mouse click on a query and select “Copy” then go to the desktop and right mouse click and select “Paste” a file with a *.wiq extension will be placed there. The WIQ is an XML document containing information about where the query came (server and Team Project) and some embedded WIQL (Work Item Query Language). You can open this file up and edit the query, but also e-mail it around to other team members.

Features like this are really useful for team leaders who have identified a slice of bugs/tasks in a Team Project that need to be addressed and would like to focus the team.


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