Mobile computing will enable Identity 2.0!

I was keen to attent the Sydney Architect Council meeting Thursday last week because Kim Cameron was presenting on Windows Card Spaces and Identity 2.0 subjects. The session was extremely interesting and I loved some of the perspectives he had.

At the moment I am all about user “empowerment” where the end users, not the IT professionals take control of their computer systems and where the answer to most of the user wants are “yes”, not “maybe, but really no”. It was refreshing to see someone of Kim’s standing recognise this shift and be actively engaged in building the infrastructure to support it.

One of the things that really resonated with me was “The Laws of Identity” which are:

  1. User Control and Consent
  2. Minimal Disclosure for a Constrained Use
  3. Justifiable Parties
  4. Directed Identity
  5. Pluralism of Operators and Technologies
  6. Human Integration
  7. Consistent Experience Across Contexts

If you look down that list its almost all about identity from the users perspective. I think the way this is going to go is that everyone will own their own personal “identification device”, this will most likely be your mobile phone, then, when you go to get access to something (anything) you will swipe your phone near the thing you want to get access to (door, PC, ATM) and it will challenge your device to present an InfoCard. On the device you will select what InfoCard to send and then if all goes to plan you’ll get access to what you need.

I wonder what it would take to modify a swap card door to exchange InfoCards over bluetooth with a Windows Mobile device . . .


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