Happy Birthday Bella

Today Bella turned four years old. We had a pretty low key day. Bella woke up in bed with us this morning and we reminder her that it was her birthday, at which point she decided it was time to open some birthday presents.

The night before we had spent some time putting together the dolls house that her Nana and Poppa had bought her (why is it that kids toys require more tools than anything else), and it along with some other presents were sitting up on the dinner table.

Bella really loved the dolls house and she (and Nana) spent some quality time playing with it before we headed off to the Pancake Parlour for breakfast. We got back home and Bella started playing with her new bike (while I had a nap  – hey, I’m on holidays!).

Tomorrow she is going to have a party with some of her friends! Anyway, Happy Birthday B!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Bella

  1. Geoff Appleby

    They get old so quick. Issy’s turning five next month. I swear, blink and she’ll be 16.

    Damn, that reminds me – gonna have to work out what the hell to get her 🙂

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