Event Monger Delay

SadfaceI’m sorry to announce that development on Event Monger (my BTC-FTC project) has been delayed until after the Australian Tech.Ed event (beginning of September).

Unfortunately I’ve been pretty busy over the course of the last month or so on various projects and whilst I’ve been on leave this week I haven’t really had the focused time I’ve required to sit down and tackle this project.

Event Monger has a relatively large scope in terms of the scenarios it needs to support to be useful, as such it breaks the BTC-FTC mold a little bit (which is ironic given that it was supposed to be the first cab off the rank).

So – my sincere apologies for the delay, once I start work on the project again I’ll post up here with progress reports.


7 thoughts on “Event Monger Delay

  1. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Nick,

    Not at the moment. I’m hoping to get started soon but I’ve got some other stuff that I need to get done before I can dedicate time to this.

  2. lou brown

    Its Three Months now. Why keep this message up if nothing is happening, you only frustrate users of this site.

  3. Mark Emerson

    Hi Mitch,

    I guess still no real progress on this? Just a quick enquiry as im about to embark on a very similar project and was going to compare notes – so to speak.


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