DEV316: Extending Team Foundation Server

David Lemphers said it best when he said that Team Foundation Server is more a platform than a product. In the lead-up to Tech.Ed 2006 in the US I presented a web-cast on how to Extend Team Foundation Server.

I actually had to get up at about 4am in the morning to double check all my configurations before presenting that session live at 6am – to say I was tired would be an understatement. Still – I covered a fair bit of material in that session.

The session that I am presenting will not be the same as the web-cast! I will cover much of the same material but I will demonstrate it by showing off some really useful extensions to Team Foundation Server. The two that I’ll definately be covering include:

Bug Snapper is a tool that Grant Holliday wrote which allows testers to take a screenshot, annotate it and submit it to Team Foundation Server. I know that Grant got quite a bit of traffic to his blog when it was released and I think it is something that people would be interested to see.

TFS Integrator is a continuous integration engine for Team Foundation Server which also takes care of copying build outputs from the drop location back into the source tree where other projects can use them as dependencies for their build. We have actually sent this out for BETA testing already but we are looking to make our first public release soon – hopefully before Tech.Ed.


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