Bloggers Brunch

This morning I had the opportunity of attending a Bloggers Brunch hosted by Frank Arrigo. Frank brought a bunch of other ‘softies with him to answer questions and have discussions about topical issues. A lot of discussion circled around the Vista and Live platform and of course the Office suite.

One of the questions that I had circled around issues that I have about the Windows client being tied to a single Active Directory domain. I just think that we have moved beyond the world of a centrally managed hardware and software asset. Users and the devices that they use are much more mobile – between locations, and the networks that they connect to.

Everytime I bring this up with people I get the impression that I am some kind of corner case. The reality is that people with these kind of requirements represent a growing percentage of the userbase.

The thing that sparked off the discussion was when I asked about the password protected folders feature that was pulled.

The other thing that was asked was how to better get the word out about these kinds of events. I must admit that I missed Franks original blog post because I had already gone dark in the lead up to Tech.Ed. Maybe more lead time?



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