The Tech.Ed community project is off and racing…

Well, day one of Tech.Ed is over and I am back at the hotel taking stock. It has been really quite amazing to see how attendees and a few individuals in particular (you know who you are) have taken to building a solution for The Smith Family community project.

Early this morning (like 1am early) I punched the high level scenarios that we would be using as the specification to develop code from. We had a kick-off meeting at about 9am this morning to get our project leaders accounts sorted out and have a brief overview of the kind of application we are building. From there the team went forth and broke down the scenarios into tasks which could then be completed by delegates.

We have been really lucky to have so many TFS savvy people working on the project. By about mid-day we had TFS Integrator installed performing Continuous Integration duties, which in turn runs a series of automated tests.

It’s not all wine and roses…

Obviously running a software project is risky because with so many cooks in the kitchen a few problems start to manifest themselves.

  1. Inconsistent coding styles (live with it).
  2. Inconsistent approaches to data access.
  3. Ugly duckling syndrome.

None of these problems are insurmountable, and in fact what we lack in co-ordination we gain in passion. To be honest this was always going to happen we try to compress this kind of Scope into a three day period when there are a lot of transient  developers in the mix.

Next Steps

Tomorrow morning I will be getting to the Dev’Garten early to do what I call a “scrub” of the work item store. Basically it is the process of quickly surveying recent activity and making sure that work items reflect the truth. We can then go into the second iteration with a much clearer picture of where we are.

Tomorrow I hope to pose some statistics about the project at what should be our mid-way point.


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