Tech.Ed 2006: Done and dusted!

What a week! I arrived in Sydney on Monday evening and since then it has been non-stop, I am completely exhausted. I don’t think that I managed to get more than four or five hours sleep for any of the nights whilst I was there!

This was a big Tech.Ed for me personally as I was presenting more sessions that I ever had before (more on this in another post) and I was also helping out with community project in the Dev’Garten for The Smith Family and the Unlimited Potential program.

Pretty much everyone from Readify went out to a company dinner last night where everyone got to socialise and in some cases meet people for the first time. I am always amazed when I step back and look how much the company has grown in the four plus years that I have been working here.

Today we had a company meeting where we took a snapshot of the overall state of the company and outlined our objectives for the next twelve months. All in all its been a very busy week and I’m ready to get a good nights rest.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the DPE team for setting up the Dev’Garten. It served as a great home-base for us developer folk inbetween presenting or attending sessions.

In particular I would like to thank Andrew Coates who steered UPlift project when I wasn’t around to do it myself. I’d also like to thank the people who showed great leadership and dedication when it came to cutting the code on the community project, but I think that I might save that for a full post about the UPlift project itself.

Anyway – gotta go, the flight is being called.


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