A week and a half with a Tablet PC!

Last week at Tech.Ed I exclusively used my Tablet PC both in and out of my sessions. In one case, my branching session I even used the pen on the tablet on a PowerPoint deck be more responsive to the questions coming from the audience. They would spell out their scenario and I would draw it up on the screen so that we could discuss the pros and cons of that approach.

I’ve probably been running slate vs. laptop mode in a ratio of 75% to 25% respectively. The tablet also came in really useful during the week as I was explaining how our TFS Integrator works.

So far it has been a really positive experience, and I just can’t believe how good the battery life is – and even when I do need to charge up the power cable is so long it can stretch half way across the room.

I think that my Tablet PC use is starting to get to Darren Neimke who might be the next convert – resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

One great thing that happened on Tuesday morning was the opportunity to catch up with Hugo Ortega at a bloggers brunch hosted by Frank Arrigo.

He brought along an EO UMPC which were fun to play around with – later on the week I actually noted that Nick Randolph was wondering around with a Samsung UMPC and I had another go at trying to type with them, I need more practice there. I noticed that the Tegatech site is now sporting the Fujitsu Lifebook P1510 – is this actually a UMPC, or is it a very small Tablet?

Dr. Neil was also at the bloggers brunch and he gave me a few tips for the care and feeding of my tablet which I appreciated a lot, especially after seeing some of the screens on the M200’s around Tech.Ed I’m glad he did.


2 thoughts on “A week and a half with a Tablet PC!

  1. Hugo Ortega

    Hey Mitch,

    I followed your lead and order my very own T4210 also. They really do rock and I’m so impressed with the speed! In regards to UMPC I think Tegatech Australia faces the same dilema as any other company in that we are trying to decipher the difference between “UMPC” and “UM” PC’s. 🙂

    It was great to catch up and worth every minute of my time just to hear your enthusiasm and passion for your Tablet. Oh, and Nick’s Samsung Q1, that was mine too!

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Hugo,

    Nick told me that the Samsung was yours – thanks for the kind words!

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