Airport time with Geoff . . .

I was stuck in Sydney Airport on Saturday evening like Geoff. I was so tired I kept on nodding off so it was lucky that Geoff was there otherwise I think I would have snored through the call for passengers to come forward for the flight.

For some reason the peer-to-peer wireless link that we had going between our laptops kept dropping out. I’m not sure what the problem was but it must have been pretty frustraiting for Geoff.

The other frustrating thing that happened was that I couldn’t recover a copy of my OPML file that I had uploaded to I don’t quite get it, surely one of the killer features of a site like that is the ability to grab an OPML file containing a copy of all the RSS feeds that are visible on a page?

Rather than try to reconstruct my feed from the page, Geoff gave me a copy of his OPML file and I loaded it up into Bloglines which I am going to give a shot at using based on several peoples recommendations.


5 thoughts on “Airport time with Geoff . . .

  1. Geoff Appleby

    I’m sure you read some different things to me, but it’s probably a good start point instead of having to manually insert ALL of them.

    I forgot to mention – although it should have been pretty obvious, but the ‘non-tech’ folder can probably be immediately dropped straight off the bat (although the feed is a fantastic comic!).

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Geoff, I think that you have similar feeds to me, so it was a good leg up. Thanks!

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