Dell Batteries: In the Sydney Morning Herald!

On Wednesday last week I got interviewed by Louisa Hern from the Sydney Morning Herald. She had found out about my blog post about being stopped at the security gate because I was carrying a Dell laptop and wrote an article about that and other similar incidents around the country.

That same day Louisa got published on the SMH web-site with some of the details that I gave through the interview.

Since then its been discovered that the problem with Dell battries also affects Apple who both use Sony batteries. Interestingly when I got onto the plane yesterday evening I wasn’t asked about the Dell laptop that I had in the X-ray tray – after this, am I to assume that now that Qantas didn’t want to piss off comuters using Apple computers (maybe Apple is the hardware platform of choice for Windows?), either that or the dangerous situation has suddenly abated (insert extreme sarcasm here).


4 thoughts on “Dell Batteries: In the Sydney Morning Herald!

  1. Mark Cohen

    I read that there were something like nine incidents with Apple batteries overheating, which triggered their recall. I’d guess that one of the possible reasons why Apple Macbooks haven’t been going kaboom like Dells is because the battery is encases in metal, and not more combustible plastic like Dell. Anyway, the batteries are the same – the rest of the hardware is what makes Apple better šŸ˜‰

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Mark

    Glad you didn’t say it was the software that made it better šŸ™‚

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