Bella does a twirl…

TwirlBella recently had a photo shoot with Natasha Merry in our backyard. Nicola showed me one of the photos and, felt that I just had to blog it. It is moments like these that make me realise just how fast my little girl is growing up.

My thanks to Natasha for taking the time to take such beautiful photos.


3 thoughts on “Bella does a twirl…

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  2. HUgo Ortega

    That is anawesome photo Mitch – and yes Geoff, I hear ya mate – he’s not the ony one. My son has been in catalogues (brag, brag) and we are expectiing a daughter on the way! Hey! IS this a Tech Blog or a Dad-R-Us website??? LOL

  3. Mitch Denny

    Hi Hugo,

    If you aren’t allowed to brag about your kids on your blog where can you brag about them. Oh – thats right, you started a whole new blog for your kids 😛

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