Daily Archives: October 1, 2006

P2P file sharing has made it mainstream!

One of the Window (Live) Messenger features that has snuck up on me of late is the P2P file sharing feature built into the product. I suspect that this is part of the technology acquisition that Microsoft go from FolderShare.

I’ve been using it quite a bit lately either to exchange the odd file with my co-workers, for example, last week Geoff was having trouble finding the PowerShell download on the Microsoft site so we just synced it up over messenger.

I think that as time goes by business will start to rely on these mechanisms to allow users to exchange and work on sets of files together legitimately. This will challenge some organisations who have been decidedly “anti-file sharing tech” because doing stuff that breaks the file sharing mechanisms could be quite illegal – if it isn’t already.


WatiN Woes

I’ve been using WatiN a little bit for some testing on a pet project at the moment and I’ve noticed that between builds – even with no code changes I can get the unit tests that are driving the WatiN framework. It seems to be something to do with the problem that Bruce McLeod describes in this post. However, I am getting the problem on a remote Windows 2003 server running IE 6.0 – the tests are being run as part of a Team Build run.

The wierd thing is that it seems to randomly succeed sometimes. Very strange!

A consulting expert system?

It was great catching up with Dave with Darren on Tuesday last week. We talked on a fairly wide spectrum of topics. Dave’s follow up post got me thinking.

Taking time out to workshop situations and reactions can be difficult, especially if you are very busy, but it is still worth while. It makes me wonder whether there is a technical solution to the problem. Would it not be possible to build an support system for consultants (kind of like an expert system) which allows them to pick a scenario, have the system tell them the possible course of action, and the probability of certain outcomes.

Each consultant could have this loaded onto their PDA and when they are late (using Dave’s scenario) they would pick “Late for meeting.” and you could follow it through to its likely conclusion. Of course, a bit part of consulting is the human interaction so this probably isn’t going to make a good consultant any better – but it would be a good training aid for those that are having trouble getting out of the cube worker mindset.

I wonder how you can scale group learning so that only a minimum of information is lost down the cracks?