Taxi Expenses

I’ve been spending a little bit of time on the road this month and the price of taxis (and transport in general) is starting to add up. In fact I commented to a taxi driver the other day that I reckon I am spending in the order of $600+ dollars per month in getting around – at which point he gave me his business card.

Given that its the end of the month I decided that I would sit down and churn through all of my taxi receipts to see what the current total is (so that I can feed it into my expense claim form). Grand total for approximately three weeks, $579.62 – breakdown:

It is kind of scary how things like this add up. I think I need to start using the tram more while I am in Melbourne, the only problem is that it can take a pretty major slice out of your day if you have a meeting smack bang in the middle


6 thoughts on “Taxi Expenses

  1. Darren Neimke

    You can reduce the roundtrip between the Airport and Docklands by around $75 per week simply by catching the skyline bus:

    Taxi == (2 * $50 = $100)
    Bus == ($25 return trip ticket)

  2. Graham Gardner

    If you are a high price consultant then the cost is a drop in the bucket – consider that if you generate $200 per hour for your business, then taxis are cheap….and you code better if you get to where you are going in a relaxed mindset

  3. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Darren,

    I guess its a matter of timing. If I catch the Skybus then I have to factor that into the time that I leave and what flight I catch.

    For example – if I fly in on Monday morning then its already pretty tight if I want to make the office by 9am.

    On the other hand if I leave on a Sunday evening it can be quite late when I walk across from Spencer Street Station. If I leave early enough on a Sunday then it really carves into the weekend.

    When I am in Sydney on the otherhand, it is much easier to get around. I catch the $12 train into the city.

  4. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Graham,

    I tend to agree, although its good to find practical ways to reduce costs too.

  5. Graeme Strange

    Arriving in a relaxed midset is important, but how do you do that when you catch a taxi in Sydney? Arriving with you life still intact seems to be the first objective.

  6. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Graeme – been in a taxi in Singapore? Edging your way into oncoming traffic at peek hour just to see if they _might_ let you through is the scariest experience I’ve ever had.

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