Daily Archives: October 5, 2006

Toxic Childhood or Digital Deportee

Mike Fitzsimon has brought me back into the conversation about raising children. To be honest, after hearing about the keynote at TechEd about Digital Immigrants vs. Digital Natives I’m rethinking my stance.

Could it be that the lives of our children are going to be so radically different to our own that they upbringing almost by design has to be something that challenges us as a pre-2000 generation?

I’m not drawing any conclusions yet, but I have been doing some reading:

Aside: When I was going through high school I was one of the few students who had access to the Internet early on. I accessed it through a sub 9600bps modem, via a terminal emulator, generally navigated around using Gopher and found files using Archie and Veronica.

When I submitted assignments I had great difficulty in referencing materials from the Internet because all of the bibliographical standards were targetted at hard copies. In fact – some teachers refused to accept assignments that were primarily researched on the Internet.

Even then I thought that those teachers were blinded by their own personal experiences. The fact is that resources like Wikipedia are capturing our history.

Question: Will those that can’t adjust to the new world be digital deportees?