Amazon Review: Thems is fighting words!

Andrew Parsons recently co-authored Professional Visual Studio 2005 from Wrox. He noted that the first review came in and that its bit of a doozy. Even though I work with Andrew I haven’t had a chance to completely read through his book.

Despite this I am pretty sure that this review is unwarranted, in fact, its just plain insulting, especially to Australian developers who I believe are among the finest in the world. The thing that I took offence to was this:

“In my albeit limited experience, the majority of Australian developers were shallow in their understanding of highly complexy technical stuff, and they write code in an exremely sloppy fashion. But these two guys are supposed to be the creme de la creme of .NET developers in that country, or maybe not?”

If you are an Australian developer I think it is your duty to mod this review down.


2 thoughts on “Amazon Review: Thems is fighting words!

  1. Kevin Daly

    That was such an irrationally insulting review (and given that the reviewer admits to only having seen the book in a shop rather than having bought it, his impressions are presumably based on skimming rather than actually reading it) that I decided to have a look at other reviews by the same person…
    “Gosh” I thought, “What a, er, unique perspective” (or something like that).
    It would of course be completely inappropriate of me to suggest that he has a compulsion to belittle others to demonstrate his superiority, so I won’t.

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Kevin,

    I’ve had a look through some of his other reviews as well. Bit of an attack dog eh?

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