I am sitting in the cafe at Canberra “International” Airport, just processing a few e-mails before I jump or a flight to Melbourne. I’ll be on the same flight as Geoff Appleby who just rocked up with his wife Jordana. Anyway, the reason that I am unlay this post is that a piece of software that I have recently installed has really impressed me – FolderShare.

This software nicely fills the void between the file sharing features in the new Windows Live Messenger. At the moment I have it automatically syncing between my laptop, Tablet PC and the desktop at home. Recommended.


2 thoughts on “FolderShare

  1. andrew/crucible

    Hey Mitch,

    Theres a few things that really impress me about Foldershare:

    * It only arranges the connection, so if you are syncing two computers on the same network it does it at the full speed of the network (ie 100Mbit).

    * You can turn on “Access my Files” in the help, and no matter where you are in the world, you can log onto the Foldershare website and access your hard disk (not encrypted though).

    * One of the best things is that with my ISP at least I can share with other people in the same state without it touching my download limits… so I have a few shares set up with friends to swap tv shows/podcasts etc “On-Demand”

    * If you use On-Demand rather than Automatic on the share, then you have to activate the download by double clicking the placeholder file – so you can large files available for download, but not set them off until you want them to.

    I don’t know how many of those features you’ve come across – for how simple the program is I didn’t even think of accessing those features until I went digging! 🙂

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Andrew,

    Its pretty cool. I managed to find those features (I’m a natural bit flicker). It would be nice if it could use some kind of P2P authentication mechanism so a central server is not necessarily required if two nodes happen to spot each other on the same network though.

    All in all a good package, and I hope this finds itself tightly integrated into the core platform’s sync services.

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