Career advice for a taxi driver.

I think anyone who works in the computer industry has had this happen to them – where a taxi driver notices that you work in the IT field and either lets you know that they are a programmer or some such.

Actually – I think that in some circumstances it is true, and the other day I had a taxi driver who had done some study in computer science but didn’t currently have a job in the industry. He was after some advice about which entry level position he should go for.

He didn’t seem to be too keen on coding for a living so I suggested doing something like IT operations would be the way to go. The role covers entry level positions right up to some of the most experienced storage engineers so there is lots of scope – but it is also possible to get in without too much work so you can prove yourself.

What advice would you give a taxi driver wanting to land his first IT job?


3 thoughts on “Career advice for a taxi driver.

  1. Jim L.

    Learn how to work on the hardware (replacing, upgrading etc) it’s the easiest piece of computing knowlege to start with. Requires no rocket science IQ and will get your foot in the door. From there, you can pick and choose. The typical path is hardware to software tech to network asst, to network admin or software tech to entry level programmer to whereever.. at least the latter is where I ended up. 😀

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