Line Rider

This has already been all over the blogosphere. It is a highly addictive “toy” in which you can draw a track and have a little man on a bobsled cruise arround until he comes to an uncomfortable end.

I just wanted to point out that it is a lot more fun with a Tablet PC 🙂


11 thoughts on “Line Rider

  1. The Rooster

    Here I was thinking that you are so so late on blogging about the Line Rider thing. I read your post and I laugh my head off – very witty. But I am NOT going to buy a Tablet just to goof off with Line Rider! But while I am at it is there anyone out there with a spare?

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    If I had a spare what kind of father would I be if I didn’t give it to my daughter? 🙂

  3. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi jacknjimy, yep – it sure is. There are some kicking around now that have erase buttons as well.

    The Rooster – the blogosphere is like that. If you happen to get some incoming links you can get a bit of a snow ball effect. I’m still no where near the top of the Google or MSN Search page ranks though.

  4. joel rokey

    you can make straigth by ckicking the right mouse aand let go then click where you want the line to end and click the left mouse and move it alil.

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