Vista: World famous – in Melbourne.

This morning at Flinders Street Station I was set upon by a swarm of fans who had obviously seen my photo in The Age. Well – maybe not, but that is what was happening in my big fat head!

A few weeks ago some of my fellow co-horts at at Readify were interviewed by Adam Turner around our adoption of Windows Vista. I know Adam from a past life when I was a leader of the Melbourne .NET User Group. Anyway, the output of our interview, and obviously some other interviews around town was the article in The Age (and Sydney Morning Herald).

Of course the real news is that Frank Arrigo was interviewed by Fuzzy from Cybershack. It constantly amazes me how much press Frank gets – must be because everyone loves him.

For the time being I’ll have to settle for being world famous, in Melbourne (and maybe Sydney) (for about five minutes).


3 thoughts on “Vista: World famous – in Melbourne.

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