Why did I pull a blog post today?

In the past I’ve been a pretty strong advocate of not pulling blog posts once they are posted. They form part of the rich tapestry of the Internet, and with the Internet, as with life, you can only roll forward.

Earlier today I had a discussion with Adam about a blog post that I wrote earlier that day. He assured me that he did not authorise a “Readify” AdWord, and I believe him. He has also got the person who created the AdWord to remove the AdWord – so its a non issue.

The big issue is why I removed the blog post? Well – let me be up front about it – Adam did not ask me to take down the post, I did that myself. I had to think about the implications of pointing the finger at another Microsoft business partner when something like this accidentally happens – I obviously don’t want to kick a guy when he is down.

Upon reflection, I’ve decided to put the post back up because so many times I’ve complained about people that pull their blog posts, and I got a bit of criticism about that. Its actually better to be up front about this stuff – this post is to explain the situation.

On a related note – Adam is putting together a list of Rules To Better Google AdWords. I’m looking forward to it – I’m hoping that this little experience rates a mention about the pitfalls of reserving competitor AdWords.


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