Can your business run over the Internet?

I reckon that if you asked most businesses that question, the only honest answer would be no. Most enterprise class (and even SOHO for that matter) class systems today are designed to lock corporate information assets away behind firewalls and never _ever_ expose that information to people who are out in the field except for in specific circumstances.

Driven almost by a desire to break free of the shackles of corporate life (which is actually a fairly recent invention) people are starting to demand applications which run over the Internet. In some cases people are even deciding that its best to create data islands in hosted facilities that they don’t control simply because its easier.

The FolderShare software that I used to syncrhonise the three machines that I have regular access to is a classic example. It shouldn’t be news, but I believe that solutions like Coghead (source: Guy Kawasaki) which empower users to work smarter are the way of the future.

This decade, if you can’t work:

  • on a beach,
  • on a train,
  • on a plane . . .

. . . thats a problem – and you need to fix it, before the next decade.

Moving forward, this new reality is going to challenge some of the assumptions that we as developers have made around our software architectures and its actually a point I’m going to touch on in one of my talks at the Ready Summit 06. See you there – if you think you are Ready 🙂


One thought on “Can your business run over the Internet?

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