On of my favorite Vista platform features is the Restart Manager.

My last trip to Redmond (a kind of Mecca for Microsoft geeks) saw me at the MVP Summit. One of the benefits of the MVP Summits is that you get to sit and listen to folks like Jim Allchin. Jim was giving a demonstration of a recent build (at the time) of Windows Vista and showing off all the new platform features.

One of the cool features that I didn’t know about back then was the Restart Manager which Daniel Moth does a great job of explaining.

The Restart Manager is a feature that allows Windows to notify you application that a restart needs to occur and that if it can (by listening for a particular message), it should persist user data and close down. The idea is that once the machine is rebooted your application can start back up, re-hydrate its state and pick up from where it left off.


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