The Singularity

I’m currently reading two books by Charles Stross at the moment (that is about all my meat brain can handle). Charles Stross is an acclaimed Sci-Fi author who has written a number of books and short stories including Singularity Sky (which I borrowed from Chris Hewitt in dead trees format).

The other Charles Stross material that I am reading is Accelerando which was recommended by a commenter on my blog (thanks Ian). The books are really having an impact on me (good fiction and science fiction always does).

Science fiction writing is one of those interesting things where either what is written actually comes to pass or was so way off the mark that it is funny (remember Flash Gordon?).

One of the uniting concepts in both resources I am reading is that of a Singularity, a moment in time where our progress in technological terms essentially goes vertical. The stories essentially sit on either side of this event and document the characters who play a part in some way.

Every now and then I contemplate what total disconnection would look like for me – how would I feel if I went cold turkey on technology. I think I do that because its more socially acceptable at the moment run away from technology – but what if you actively tried to connect yourself to every single information resource at once and tried to come up with ways of processing that information through a network of software agents.

Would this be Human 2.0 Service Pack 3 (third time is a charm)?


2 thoughts on “The Singularity

  1. Barry Seegebarth

    I also love Charles Stross, and anything else about the Singularity. But I don’t believe we’ll reverse engineer the human brain until we decode the “meme” which I believe is the actual software of the mind. The idea that we are nothing but puppets, dancing on the strings of the memes, is truly frightening to say the least, but at the same time facinating! I also have a few thoughts about the Singularity, along with a few other things at my blog Barry’s Amazing Ideas at Post a comment and tell me what you think!

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