Connectivity Challenged

I’m connectivity challenged at the moment. We have just moved house and we don’t even have a phone line connected yet, so we definately don’t have ADSL. At the moment I’m blogging from my Windows Vista machine which has a Bluetooth connection to my JasJar which is then uplinked to “the cloud” using GPRS. I can only get 3G on this hill if I hold my tongue in the right direction.

This presents a little bit of a problem since I am supposed to be the guest editor over at TechTalkBlogs and I proposed a little game which is bandwidth hungry.

When you are used to getting around the web at no less than 1.5Mbps its a bit of a step backwards to a GPRS connection. I’m also finding that my ability to work is actually related to the speed with which things come down the line.

At the moment it looks like its going to be close to five to ten working days before we get ADSL connected. Part of the problem is that the phone line is completely dead in this place – no dial tone at all, which means a little Telstra man has to head off to the exchange to connect a wire ($69), then, once that is done we call the ISP back and they tell another little Telstra man to waddle off back to the exchange again and connect that same wire into an available (we hope) ADSL port ($99).



4 thoughts on “Connectivity Challenged

  1. Jordana

    My condolences Mitch. If I worked in the right area of Telstra I would try to push things through for you but alas I don’t. Fingers crossed things will go through quickly for you!

  2. Mitch Denny

    Hi Jordana,

    With a bit of luck I can get dial tone today – but I spoke with my neighbor and they said that ADSL wasn’t available in our area. I desperately hope that isn’t the case.

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