Optimising my feeding experience.

I’ve been pretty dark for a few months in my blogging practices and I’ve been feeling distinctly disconnected. I think that one of the reasons was that I changed the way that I was consuming feeds – rather than the feeds coming to me in my Inbox I had to go to them in Bloglines, or even Internet Explorer 7.0.

Today I decided to go back to using Squeet – inspired by Geoff’s recent round of experimentation (hey – who says you can’t experiment with an old friend, err, don’t take that the wrong way).

Anyway – I can already feel that I am more inspired to respond to others blog posts and it is stimulating my own creativity. It also helps that “the super team” that I am working with also pretty much nailed their deliveries today (two projects closing down and one finishing an iteration).

I think that the way that you choose to process input is a very personal choice – I think that some people can’t handle things popping up at them every five seconds, whilst others (myself included) actually find ways to fill the void with “other stuff” – unfortunately that other stuff is often pure work as opposed to more fun geeky endeavours (as well as the usual allocation of family time and sleep).


4 thoughts on “Optimising my feeding experience.

  1. Geoff Appleby

    Hey, so with Sqeeut, it sends rss items to your inbox, right?
    So what would be really cool is if you could just hit reply in your mail client to submit a comment ๐Ÿ™‚ If that feature was there, i think i’d consider it ๐Ÿ™‚

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