Education in IT

Before I start, I need to point out that I am now a member of the ACS – after all that carry on in the past I decided to join and see what it was like. When I joined a whole heap of knowledge didn’t suddenly get sideloaded into my brain and a  wealth of new job opportunities didn’t open up for me – but then again, I don’t think that I’ve brought anything to the ACS either – other than my credit card.

With that disclaimer out of the road I want to point you to three posts by fellow ACS member, and fellow MVP – Rob Farley:

Rob is asking the right questions I think, and this observation really strikes a chord with me:

The fact is that digital natives won’t do school. But they still want to learn. If we want to be a part of that, we need to reinvent school. The burden is on us, because traditional learning cultures have hurt education significantly.

I’ve had this discussion and debate before, and it does get pretty tiresome, on the brightside however, if what I suspect is true – it is part of a greater social change coming around education and life in general – so in some cases the best way to have the argument is to sit back and watch it just happen.


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