The dial-up experience . . .

. . . is about as close a disassociated geek can get to real emotional trauma. The screenshot below is what my life looks like at the moment – three browser tabs all silently churning away pulling down data at a raw 33.6Kbps.

I’ve been waiting for my Internet service provider (featured in the lower right of the picture above) to get my ADSL connection transferred across from my previous address. On the bright side – at least I don’t have to dial-in with GPRS anymore – that was really bad.

My main concern is still that iiNet might turn around and tell me that broadband is not available to us – at which point I don’t know what I will do. Someone suggested DSL Direct from Optus – but how does that get over the problems that ADSL would have?


2 thoughts on “The dial-up experience . . .

  1. Martin Woodward

    I was determined not to have a lack of ADSL when building my current house. I drove my wife mad when we were looking at sites to build because I would stand with my PDA connected to GPRS over Bluetooth in the middle of a field and check if it was within range of the local exchange for ADSL connectivity (and also that they exchange had plenty of spare capacity)

    I still remember my wife’s voice when I rejected a nice site because it was looking bad for ADSL. “It’s a field Martin, or course it doesn’t have broadband”.

    Still, only wish I’d run a couple of phone lines to the house from the telegraph pole. Now I work from home a bonded ADSL connection is looking more and more attractive 🙂

    Good luck with the bandwidth, I feel your pain.


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