TechEd 2007 Planning

Dave Lemphers posted up some of his thoughts about how TechEd 2007 might be approached next year and Charles Sterling has thrown up some of his own musings. Both of the ideas are a little bit interesting although I think that Chucks suggestion might end up with TechEd being one big commercial for partners rather than an educational experience for industry folk (development team members, IT operations staff etc).


I kind of liked the idea of using tagging to identify sessions that you are interested in and keeping the session times short. The idea there is that you could do shorter more intimate sessions, and deliver them multiple times. People could rate the sessions so that if something that matched your tag filter rated highly then you could try and catch the next delivery.


Microsoft is going to have some cool stuff to show at the next TechEd because we will be over the Vista hump and into delivering solutions and it’s going to be cool to catch sessions which show how you can mash stuff up together.


Andrew Coates is the man with the plan for TechEd vNext, I’m wondering how much I can learn as we start the lead up to Code Camp Oz 2007!


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