The raw thumping power of 128Kbps ISDN.

Yep, thats right, I am now ISDN enabled. I’ve got the Telstra “NT1 Plus II” sitting here and it is routing traffic over my wireless network. I have definately got a speed improvement and the world is looking bright again.

An interesting tidbit is that the technician that came out to install the line actually said that that the loss on our line is only 57db, and ADSL can be supported with loss as high as 61db. However, I know from some of my earlier reading (and the technician confirmed this) that Telstra arbitrarily rule the line at 56db.

The technician was great, he even got up into our roof and ripped out some of the poor cabling that had been done previously (a do it yourself job done by previous tenants presumably). The reason I mention this is that with that kind of dodgy cabling job in the ceiling, it could easily explain away a few db’s of signal loss – so if I could get Telstra to do a line check again (a real check as opposed to looking up a database) then I might qualify for ADSL (which was part of my master plan all along).

Even if I don’t qualiy for ADSL1, I should qualify for the ADSL2 shared spectrum service because it can handle more loss on the line. I’m a happy camper – for now.


4 thoughts on “The raw thumping power of 128Kbps ISDN.

  1. Andrew Parsons

    Yep – congrats Mitch; You should truly be able to get ADSL now. The “real check” versus DB lookup should be doable if you tell them the line was recently cleaned up for ISDN.

    Getting closer!

  2. Mitch Denny

    Hi Phil,

    I suspect that I’ll have more fun cutting over from ISDN because it is a different set of ports at the exchange. But – that is the next step. At the moment I am just happy not to be running at a snails pace.

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