What is happening with Event Monger?

Back in August I announced that there was a delay in the delivery of Event Monger which was originally intended to one of the deliverables for the By the Community/For the Community program being run by the ASP.NET  team. A recent commenter to that post pulled me up on the fact that there had been no update for a while. Unfortunately I haven’t progressed any further with this mostly due to some other higher priorities.

Through this process I learned that BTC-FTC submissions should be limited in scope because sometimes your day job can impede on whatever plans you have for your evening coding sessions. As a matter of fact there is a mountain of stuff that I’ve wanted to get finished which I simply haven’t had the time to do, which is frustrating to me – but also the people who want the finished product.

I can’t make any promises when Event Monger will surface but I suspect it will be released in pieces in the lead up to Code Camp Oz 2007.


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