The importance of being in tune with your users.

Over the course of the last week I attended a few demonstrations in order to get feedback from the client about what adjustments we should be making. As is normal with these kinds of gatherings a lot of new options were put on the table, but it struck me how some of these were more oriented to the domain expert rather than the casual user – who are in the vast majority.

This is a trap that you can fall into when adding features to a piece of software. You can train yourself to detect expert features – for example, if your sentence starts with “wouldn’t it be great if…” then you might be looking at a domain expert feature, so ask yourself the question – how many years has it taken you to realise that “it would be great if”?

Actually – this is one of the reasons that I like some of the scoping aspects of MSF Agile because it allows a team to get clear definitions of who their users are (personas) and a description of the functionality from their perspective (scenarios).


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