10 minute e-mail addresses.

Greg Low sent around an e-mail today pointing to this NetworkWorld about a free site that has been setup to send and receive e-mails for addresses that only last for ten minutes. While not new, it is a pretty good idea, especially when you need to provide your e-mail address to someone. There are a few possible uses for this, one is being more anonymous, another is limiting the amount of spam that you receive.

Actually, I have a friend called Adrian McElligott who has built a piece of software that generates unique e-mail addresses that only differ by case. The idea is that unless the incoming e-mail has the address that uses the right capitalisation scheme for the sender address, then it is routed to the spam folder. He also does spam filtering based on the geographical location of the sender. The theory is that a large number of people only receive e-mails from people within the certain geographical radius (wouldn’t work for everyone – but if it works for you then it rocks).


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