Back from camping, had a great weekend!

This weekend Nicola, Bella and I went camping with another two families. We went to Woods Reserve which is actually only about 15-20 minutes drive from our place in Calwell.

During the drive over it actually started to rain (perfect) and once we got to the campsite we noticed that some “others” were already in residence (thanks to Karen for all the photos):

more friends! they hung around the whole time...

There was five emu’s there the whole time we were and they didn’t seem to afraid of humans (the feeling wasn’t mutual – some head in car incidents have taught me to be cautious of these big birds). Eventually everyone else got there and we started to put up the tents.

the campsite @ woods reserve

The “big” kids (Bella, Ryan, Ryan, Emelia) played well most of the first and second day with only a few grazed knees. It was a pretty cold night overnight but I think everyone was warm enough – here is a picture of Bella this morning with the tents in the background:

Bella with our tent first in the background

Our tent is the green one behind the blue and grey one. Anyway – I’m looking forward to do this again early in the new year.


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