Pink Zune?

No – I don’t have one, I live in Australia, I can’t even buy a baby poo brown one, but someone on the internal mailing list sent through a link to this post on limited edition Pink Zune’s that Microsoft has seeded.

The general consensus seems to be that if you are lucky enough to unpack a Pink Zune that you have been ripped off by Microsoft. I’m not so sure, you could just sell it and buy two new ones! Personally I’d be tempted to keep the pink one as a bit of a conversation starter, after all, you only see them once in a pink zune.


4 thoughts on “Pink Zune?

  1. Jeff Ventura

    Hey Kevin,

    I know I ragged it in my blog (Graceful Flavor), but I would seriously realize what I had and immediately sell it on eBay. For most, though, I’d guess that they would be angry, because they wouldn’t understand the rarity of the pink model.

    Oh well.

    Nice blog.

    And BTW, I’m an ITIL semi-believer, but not a CMDB believer at all.

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