WPF/E, Expression Blend, Expression Design and Expression Web

It was a big night over night! Scott Guthrie announced the availability of WPF/E (December CTP) on his blog and also linked to a couple of demonstration pages. They are actually pretty slick – I really like the Page Turner. Of course, what really matters is the tools that we get to use and Microsoft (finally) made a big public announcement about where they are heading with the Expression Suite. In particular the Expression Suite products have some new names:

Exciting times! Microsoft sure knows how to pile on the new technology, I just hope people are good at finding their new cheese. It looks like Microsoft is doing one of their classic shape shifting moves and becoming a vendor of what the market needs – and right now the market needs tools and platforms that allow developers (and designers) to produce beautiful user experiences.

The Mac crown better watch out – they don’t have a monopoly on cool anymore 🙂

Update: I just noticed Long Zheng’s post on this subject. Long posted up pictures of me using a build of Blend at the Ready Summit in Melbourne which I had done accidentally – we tried to keep the leak low key, but what can you do when something is picked up my Mary Jo Foley? I got the Blend bits from Chuck who unfortunately had to answer to the product team about the accidental leak.

The good thing is that it is all out in the open now and we can start to enjoy this cool new product. I had an opportunity to get quite familiar with the new Blend interface and it is lightyears in front of they way things were at with EID.


2 thoughts on “WPF/E, Expression Blend, Expression Design and Expression Web

  1. Mitch Denny Post author

    they probably don’t have all the features, but they may have something the the others don’t. Blend is in a class of its own.

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