Blog Clippings #3

Here we go again. I’ve been quiet for a few days so the clippings have banked up:

  1. Brad Abrams asks the question “Mix07: What do you want to hear?“. For those of you who don’t know Mix’06 was a successful conference this year that covered off a lot of Microsofts emerging technologies, especially in the Web 2.0 space.
  2. Abhishek shows us how to drive IIS 7.0 configuration via PowerShell. It would actually be nice to have a set of Cmdlets that support IIS 6.0, having to drive IIS 6.0 configuration via ADSI is like voodoo.
  3. Greg Low lets us know that Data Dude, the a new SKU of the Team System client tools has shipped. This is good stuff, and if you have Team Suite you are already licensed for it.
  4. Andrew Matthews makes an interesting observation about some of the anti-Microsoft zealotry that you hear around the place. We actually had a discussion about this stuff on our internal “technical” mailing list.
  5. Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) and Robert Scoble come up with two different lists on 8 signs it might be time to take a break from blogging. Also found a link from Robert’s post to Twitter which I hadn’t seen before – interesting.
  6. Brian Madsen blogs about a plan to get a Code Camp going in Perth (awesome!). This is good news and it reminds me that I need to get the ball rolling for Code Camp Oz 2007.
  7. Andrew Matthews posts an interesting observation about the anti-MS zealots out there. I’m not sure if that covers it all, but I am sure that it covers a percentage.
  8. Set your e-mail free with the BlackBerry Connect software which allows you to get your e-mail from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This lets you use a Dopod to connect to BlackBerry messaging infrastructure. I like this because it allows people who work for an organisation that chose BlackBerry to move to a Windows Mobile 5.0 platform which can support more applications.
  9. Frank picks up that the Ten network is planning to offer program downloads. As Frank points out there are lots of questions, but this is a sign of the times.
  10. Hugo from UberTablet reports that the first Tegatech Fujitsu P1610s have arrived. These baby Tablets are a convertable which also includes a 3G antenna. I want to get one of these for my wife and daughter.
  11. Mark Burch over at the new BizTorque blog asks the question: What makes a good BizTalk Administrator? I also had to laugh at his most recent post on some of the wierd logic that enterprises apply to running n-1 versions of software. I completely agree, and I believe that running an old version of software is actually an act of self harm – there are special education programs for people who like to inflict self harm. I’d even be inclined to run with BETA software if I could have a plan to move forward to the released version with relative ease (depends on the purpose of the system).
  12. Engadget reports that CSIRO has demonstrated a 10 gigabit wireless link. The original article is on ComputerWorld Australia. I’m thinking that this kind of technology will help me out of my present Telstra-enabled bandwidth blackhole (more on this later).
  13. Looks like China is trying to launch a new disc format (EVD) to rival DVD and Blu-ray. Good luck to them, the global media format market needs a little bit of a shake up I think.
  14. Happy Birthday to Dugie!
  15. According to Engadget, the Dutch are killing off their analog TV broadcasts use this weekend to open it up for digital transmissions. There is some progressive thinking . . .
  16. Frank reports that Steve Vamos is stepping out and up and moving to Seattle. I wonder who the new boss is going to be – Frank?
  17. Joel Pobar was lucky enough to go to STIRR in Sydney (Web 2.0ish event). These kinds of social gatherings are a great idea I think for people that have ideas, and people who have cash to get together and start something. Some others have posted a event wrap-up.
  18. There are reports of an exploit on Windows Media Player. Not sure if this one is a big deal or not because it looks like you can only overflow by 4-bytes – that isn’t much room for a payload especially considering that the overflow occurs BEFORE data is streamed into the buffers which could carry the rest of the executable code. This is also a good argument for UAC under Windows Vista so that when things like this do happen the risks are mitigated.
  19. Looks like the Indian government is feeling the pain of Internet-based telephony from a taxation and security point of view. I wonder how long it will be before governments generally crack down on this (not that they have any right).
  20. Looks like OQO is about to release the second generation of their device (Model 02). I’m really a fan of these little things and I haven’t even used one seriously yet.

Wow! Twenty items. Hopefully I’ll feel inspired enough to do a real blog post soon.


5 thoughts on “Blog Clippings #3

  1. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Frank,

    Done. Now tell the truth – this is the only way that you can survive – aggregating aggregators 🙂

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