Daily Archives: December 14, 2006

The case of the missing 312s.

After moving house a few months ago the public transport options have become a little bit more limited, I can really only catch the 312 bus which goes from the city (Canberra) to Woden, then to Tuggeranong and eventually down through the streets near where I live.

Yesterday I jumped on the 312 and was soon asked to hop off. Apparently a junkie (sobriety challenged individual) had been sick on one of the back seats. We were told that we should catch the 160 behind to Woden then catch our buses from there. Anyway, I did what I was told and ended up at Woden at around 4:30, just in time to see another 312 pull out – damn!

Anyway, I looked at the schedule and it looked like the next 312 was going to be around 5:30 so I sat tight and waited, and waited, and waited. In fact – I waited until about 7:10 and went up to the service counter and asked if there was a problem with the 312 services. I’m pretty sure that the ACTION staff member thought I was completely mad when I told him that there had been no 312 services since about 4:30PM. Anyway – as we were talking a 312 came around the corner (about 10 minutes late) and I jumped onboard. Now I can’t be sure if I am completely insane or whether there was some problem with the 312 services yesterday.

Fortunately the 312 into the city was perfectly on time – having said that I’d love to see a service where I can catch the bus at say 10:00AM and get in to the city at about 8:00AM.


Welcome to the blogosphere lads!

This week I’ve been teaching our Professional .NET course here in Canberra. It has been great being able to spend some time in Canberra and I am really appreciating it, but what makes it even more fun is the fact that the class is full of pretty sharp characters.

Unfotunately these same sharp characters cut through the lab material as though it was butter and I estimate that we are about five hours ahead of schedule. Rather than finish the course one day ahead of schedule I decided that I would try to get them plugged into the blogosphere – after all it is a good thing to introduce smart people to blogging. Each of the “students” created their own blog:

Once that was done we had the perfect source of information for these guys to consume using the ASP.NET RSS Toolkit so after a quick demonstration we set about building a few ASP.NET Web Sites where we used the RssDataSource control to pull down our own content.

I also demonstrated how it is possible to plug into the Internet Explorer 7.0 feedstore using the Microsoft Feeds 1.0 API (ships as part of IE7 – upgrade now) in desktop based applications – in this case I just listened for a feed deletion event in the root folder.

Tomorrow we are going to use this new found knowledge to build a simple portal application which aggregates everyones feeds and summarises them into a bunch of links in different WebParts (using the ASP.NET 2.0 Portal Framework).

Anyway – welcome to the blogosphere lads – keep it up, blogging is a great way to learn new things and get and stay connected with the developer community.