Daily Archives: December 20, 2006

How do you rate your music collection?

OK – so you have taken the time to transcode every single CD in your music collection and you have about 13GB (or more?!?!) worth of MP3 and WMA music files. Now the problem is that this awesome music collection is really a collision of music tastes as it contains the music that your wife has collected over the years, and the music that you brought to the party – and to put it politely both of you have different tastes.

How do you churn through that much music and apply meaningful ratings to it – how do you handle when you and your partner rate it differently?

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working slowly through my music collection trying to rate it but I am starting all over again. My process goes something like this.

  1. Go through all unrated music.
  2. Assign music that doesn’t rock your world to rating 1 (one star).
  3. Assign music that got your brainwaves rocking to rating 2 (two stars).
  4. Repeat for rating two and above until you have a rough ranking up to five stars.
  5. Listen to unrated music regularly to find gems, don’t be afraid to demote a song that you have outgrown.
  6. Don’t delete anything. The music that you skipped today might be the music that got you into the zone tomorrow.
  7. Create top ten play lists.

What are your top ten tracks that get you into the zone?

Note: ABBA always makes it to atleast two stars because of international music law.


TFS Process Templates Observation

Here is a little observation on process templates in TFS. While the process templates that come out of the box are good (especially MSF Agile) one thing that they really suck at is defining a reasonable pre-project process. Defining a vision statement and brainstorming scenarios is really pretty vague especially when it comes to commercial PRODUCT development. What I would love to see is a process that allows an emerging team define how their project is going to succeed in the market place.