TFS Process Templates Observation

Here is a little observation on process templates in TFS. While the process templates that come out of the box are good (especially MSF Agile) one thing that they really suck at is defining a reasonable pre-project process. Defining a vision statement and brainstorming scenarios is really pretty vague especially when it comes to commercial PRODUCT development. What I would love to see is a process that allows an emerging team define how their project is going to succeed in the market place.


4 thoughts on “TFS Process Templates Observation

  1. Tim Murphy

    That is an interesting statement. Could you expand on how you think a product (TFS or other) could best support such a definition? I think it is a conversation that would be good for the community.

  2. Bryan Hinton

    On a visit to MS recently I talked with them on how they did some of there planning for VS etc… to get a feel for how they did the kind of pre-project stuff to establish direction. I have found that this tends to not only be pre-project but also at key points throughout a project’s lifecycle – pre-project is one point, others tend to be post a major release as we look at our product offering and determine where we want to take it. I work in internal software development and so I am sure there are some differences to how a commercial product team may approach it, but I would imagine that there are similarities as well. If you have lots on this I would encourage you to post about them or even better forward your feedback to Randy Miller – – who is running a Customer Advisory team to evaluate what needs to be done to MSF etc…

  3. Tim Murphy

    By conincidence I was listening to ARCast on the way home last night. During a discussion of the Mobile Client Software Factory they talked about the Patterns and Practices group creating a requirements gathering tool. Your wish just may come true.

  4. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Tim,

    I’m not sure. I actually think that there needs to be the ability for one Team Project to actually adopt different process templates. For example you might have a process template around funding for startups that then transitions to a maintainence process template when that version ships. When you transition you would define how and if the work items come across.

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