India is going gangbusters on broadband . . .

. . . but I still can’t get broadband in Calwell, Canberra, Australia. Mind you, Om Malik points out that Indian consumers will be getting charged for downloads, I had to laugh because that is exactly what happens here in Australia, and as he points out “these restrictive plans will slowdown the growth of consumer Internet services in the country”. To be fair however, _if_ I could get broadband here in the middle of nowhere all I would need to pay Telstra is $149.95 for 60GB worth of download – yay (extreme sarcasm).


2 thoughts on “India is going gangbusters on broadband . . .

  1. Ayub

    Well first there were slow speed (as slow as 16 KBPS!) Then came DSL. And now service providers claiming that they are offering one MBPS speed. But look at their catalogue its still not more that 128KBPS or 256KBPS in some cases.
    Cyber cafes in INDIA are still full not because of these so called fast speed. But due to the fact that more than 80% INDIANS dont prefer to download the content. They simply surf the net to send and recieve emails. And some of them for chat. Thats the story so far in INDIA.
    So for now we don’t need speed. Let those company charge anything! “We don’t care” attitude is deeper embedded in our minds.

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Ayub,

    At those speeds doing things like streaming video is difficult – that implies that India isn’t into things like YouTube yet?

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