Twadget and Twitter

A few days ago Andrew Parsons reminded me about a Web 2.0 service called Twitter that both he and Frank Arrigo have been using. Basically you just keep sending it little status updates about what you are doing and it creates a log that you can share with your friends. Right now Frank is watching “You, Me & Dupree” and Andrew hasn’t updated for a while. Anyway, I like the idea of the service, its kind of like a community heartbeat but for me it was too much of a hassle to keep updating it via visiting the site and I was worried about the costs of the SMS-based updates.

Anyway – I thought that a Sidebar gadget would be a good idea but before creating my own I did a quick search to see if someone had already crated one – I found this (note the interesting domain name).



5 thoughts on “Twadget and Twitter

  1. Michael Specht

    Kevin actually a service like Twitter has several possible uses over the long term.

    One is for people when they are out to be able to catch up with others when nearby, I can see this very popular with kids. The second and more interesting is as a possible platform for presence, or as it is now being called New Presence or Presence 2.0, pick your poison.

    Oh and you can limit your updates to only friends which will limit the stalker options if used correctly. But sometimes you can’t save people from themselves.

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