What is my disclosure policy?

One of the people that linked to my blog over the last couple of days is “VC Dan” who has the blog over on DisclosurePolicy.org. The same folks that are behind DisclosurePolicy.org are behind PayPerPost which I hadn’t actually heard of until Robert Scoble mentioned it on his blog a few days ago. I guess having a disclosure policy is required if you are going to pay bloggers for giving positivie reviews about your “stuff”.

Anyway, the main point of Dan’s post was that a lot of the bloggers (like me) that received a laptop from Microsoft and AMD for review purposes were a little haphazard in their approach to disclosing the fact. I think that most disclosed it front was good but without a policy on disclosure how can readers of our blogs be sure that we always will. So there is a difference between simply disclosing something at the time and stating at some point in the time that you will disclose something if you need to (action vs. policy).

The Disclosure Policy Blog links to their own disclosure policy which looks like a fairly reasonable document. The cool thing is that if you go to the main Disclosure Policy site there is a generator where you can step through a wizard to generate your own.

I decided to give it a stab and I have come up with this policy (its one generated by the wizard with a few tweaks). Hopefully by being explicit about this people can feel more comfortable with the way that I write the content that I post on my blog. Of course whether content on my blog has ever been influenced is probably subjective but I am happy to defend what I write especially considering that I have outlined some key affiliations.

Note that I am not planning on participating in PayPerPost, its just a bit to fake for my liking (personal opinion).



2 thoughts on “What is my disclosure policy?

  1. Sean

    I stopped blogging over the whole disclosure issue early in 2006. I used my blog to speak my mind on topics, but because of what I do for a living I routinely started to find myself “self-editting” or pulling punches while actually writing my blog. I just came to the conclusion that it was impossible for me to do my job that my employer pays me for properly and be the free-wheeling, off the cuff mouthpiece I wanted to be with my blog.

    So, I shut the blog down. Best decision I ever made as I learned alot from the experience. I’m looking at launching a new blog in the new year without my soapbox.

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