Code Camp Oz 2007 Sidebar Gadget

One of the machines I am running here had the Windows Vista Countdown sidebar gadget from Donavan West, a Windows Live Development MVP over at

Anyway, I hacked his gadget so that it did a countdown for Code Camp Oz 2007, just download and install the gadget (removed) and look at my stunning graphical abilities.

Update: It was pointed out that the way I built this gadget was/is a violation of Donavan West’s copyright on the original Windows Vista Countdown gadget. I have therefore removed the gadget until I upload my own original work. I have also apologised to Donavan West publically and via e-mail.

I ask that if you have downloaded and installed the gadget that you now go ahead and remove it from your system. I will update this post in the future when a new one is available.



4 thoughts on “Code Camp Oz 2007 Sidebar Gadget

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