Hail Storm in Canberra

We are getting treated to a pretty severe storm in Canberra at the moment. Up on the hill in Calwell we have a great view of the down pour. You see the centre of the storm, that is pretty much where we live.

A few minutes into the storm it started raining hailstones, and when I say raining I mean raining, like – instead of raindrops but with the same intensity. We managed to capture a few photos.

A river of hail running down a walkway in our back yard.

Hail building up like snow on steps in our backyard.

Bella asked me to go out and pick up some hail for her. I went and grabbed a handful (as you would snow) and put in a bowl for her to inspect. She thought it was very tasty!?!?!

I guess this pretty much cancels the fireworks that they had planned in Canberra tonight for new years eve (the wind is too strong for it to be safe, even though if the firework hit the ground I doubt the ground would be dry enough for it to strike up a blaze).



6 thoughts on “Hail Storm in Canberra

  1. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi David,

    I started blogging as soon as it started coming down. RTB = Real Time Blogging 🙂

  2. David Mackie

    Yeah the storm took down my Foxtel, ADSL and more importantly the trees that were being swept down the floodway behind us smashed the guard rails on the concrete bridges.

    Very cool looking at the full floodway this is the first time the whole thing to our fences has been full.

    I guess it will flush the duck ponds at the bottom of the street.

  3. Bob marley

    oh gosh the storms here in my town a tremendous state. the hail is pelting down at an alarming rate. We have tree stumps everywhere

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