Apology to Donovan West

This blog post is a public apology to Donavan West, the Microsoft MVP who developed the Windows Vista Countdown Gadget. I recently used Donavan’s code as the basis for my hastily constructed Code Camp Oz 2007 Sidebar Gadget. As Donovan has pointed out, this is a breach of his copyright, I agree and I should have been more respectful of Donovan’s hard work, I didn’t really intend to claim his work as my own and replacing his copyright mark was actually just something I did without thinking.

To rectify this situation I will/have:

  1. Removed the gadget from my hosting provider.
  2. Take steps to get the gadget removed from
  3. Will revise my original post with an update pointing to this post.

I have also since contacted Donavan and apologised via e-mail and he replied with an offer of help in providing unobsfucated JavaScript. I am looking forward to catching up with Donavan at the MVP summit in March.

P.S. One of the commenters (blognc) on Donavan’s blog had a really good idea about creating a page where you can upload an image and provide some other details and it will generate a gadget for you.



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