Schindler Elevator Corporation

I just finished reading Guy Kawasaki’s book, The Art of the Start and now I am on to Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. Both books are good and I wish that they were published as eBooks so that they didn’t take up so much room in my laptop bag.

Anyway – in reading Seth’s book I came across a reference to Schindler Elevator Corporation who has an elevator design where you select the floor you want to go to and it pre-sorts passengers to a particular shaft.

I’ve actually been on one of these elevators and they are very effective, Industry House here in Canberra uses them. Of course I’m so used to conventional elevators that I takes me a few moments to realise what I need to do – fortunately I am escorted in and out of the building most of the time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Schindler Elevator Corporation

  1. Allen Stern

    I have come across those elevators a few times – most recently in London. I wonder how many pissed off hotel customers their first day when they just get in any open elevator.

    I think this format works during peak times, otherwise just let them be!

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