Something in the Sky? Comet? Space Junk?

I was just about to head off to bed when I noticed a car parked out the front with their hazard lights on. I looked out the window and saw that the couple from the car were standing looking into the sky. When I looked up I saw what looked like the trail of a comet in the sky – although I hadn’t heard of any comets heading our way recently so I assume that it is probably some satellite re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Did anyone else see it, it was heading North to South from what I could tell, so I suspect that folks in Melbourne and Sydney may have been able to see it as well.

Update: Looks like it was Comet McNaught – the news sites didn’t have anything – but trust Flickr πŸ™‚ After doing some searching it appears that I must have been living under a rock πŸ™‚



10 thoughts on “Something in the Sky? Comet? Space Junk?

  1. Daniel Bartholomew

    Yes I saw it too on Saturday night. I’ve heard a few bits and pieces on the news about it over the last week but if has been overcast whenever I was in a position to see it.

    Someone told me it was the first comet in 40 years that we are able to see, but I vaguely remember seeing Halley’s comet in my youth. Am I right?

  2. Dylan

    I was under a rock too.

    Halley was here in 1986, but not very visible, you really needed binoculars/telescope to see that. We haven’t had one that bright since Ikeya-Seki in 1965, before my time, and we likely will never see one as bright as Ikeya-Seki in our lifetime.

  3. Jennifer

    This blazing display caught me off guard saturday night!!! I was beside myself and unable to research what i had seen since i was away from my computer for the night… The sighting prompted my research leading me to your comments!! Wow.

  4. DON

    yes i seen it to. i was heading south on I-57 in IL . i was about 20- 30 miles south of champagin il when i saw a bright light enter the corner of my left eye. I immeditly turned its direction east. (it was south heading north) it was the most amazing thing i had ever seen. it had a bright center with a trail of colors
    the front of whatever this thing was cool because u could see the wind trail or whatever u call it. look iam no expert on this stuff by any means but i know i seen something that was not man made. put it like this i would bet it wasnt man made

  5. Eric Ii

    Well it was about 11:45, date 03-8-08 in Michigan on I-96 west between Wixom and Novi. I was looking up at it for a while. It just looked a little brighter then the other stars. I don’t know what is was, it was like a bright light. I just noticed it, because my girlfriend gasped, It looked like it was getting bigger. Then it looked like it was turning a light blue. Then shot down, it looked like something I never seen before, I mean I have seen some shooting stars before. But not like this, No it was not a firework. I felt a cold chill running down my body. It was like I was waiting for a ripple effect. I know other’s saw this because some people where tapping there brakes. It was something else, I will check in on this to see if anyone else put something down…….

  6. Prairie

    4/21/08 heading south on I-57 in Illinoi probley about the 10 mile marker from the border when i seen a ball what looked to be the size of a leir jet was on fire from the front down a mile ahead of me and about 300 feet in the sky heading into the ground toward Kuntuky around 7:00pm. I cant find any reasearch on it and the news and newspapers wont write me back. I just want to know what that was?

  7. Raviteja

    I am raviteja from hyderabad, India. Today that is on april 10 2009, i saw something strange in the sky. A big balloon like structure in the sky. But i am sure its not a balloon not a star.. Its far away from earth. It looks larger than a plane in space.. Then what it would br\e…………..? 😦
    Something important to know….
    Might be a sattelite? or A flying saucer? or……?

  8. abby

    I saw something in tjhe sky,that has me puzzle,brit light,n it was not a star or a plan,I took a pic of it,n strange faces n the word YOU was on the pic,don’t know what this mean.

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