Vista: It’s a frick’n operating system people!

Lately a lot of people have been talking about Vista lately. Some of it good, some of it bad, even folks like Mini-Microsoft are questioning the outcome so far. People are asking questions like “Why should I upgrade to Vista?”.

Its a good question, but to be honest, its not going to be the operating system itself that gets peoplt to upgrade, its going to be the applications, and specifically the applications that ONLY run on Windows Vista – right now there are precious few. Even Office 2007 isn’t a Windows Vista exclusive.

Love thy developers!

Once again the thing that is going to drive adoption of Windows is the legion of developers world wide producing niche applications who have decided to invest in a Windows Vista exclusive technology.

Vista is much more interesting from a software developers perspective because it bundles a whole bunch of technologies together removing setup dependencies along with the few unique features of the platform itself. While the adoption may happen slowly at first (adoption of Windows XP was slow as well remember) it will ramp up increasingly so as the aftermarket APIs begin to arrive from Microsoft and other vendors.


7 thoughts on “Vista: It’s a frick’n operating system people!

  1. Matt Phipps

    Love thy developers!?

    Vista has no love for developers. Yet. I’m stuck developing on an XP machine because of the way Vista handles VS2003. I use both 2003 and 2005, because like any project to project developer, I have clients that are .NET 1.1 exclusive (mainly due to their slow or no roll out of MOSS 2007). And, I have to stick to their desires, not mine.

    Some are still using W2K Pro for workstations (government), and are just beginning to roll out XP. So, if I deploy Vista on my work/home environment, I’m toast.

    I really wish they’d have thought this through.

  2. Damien

    I have the exact same problem but gave it a different answer ; long before considering moving to Vista (which I did) I had to handle multiple versions of the tools and components (should I install SP1 when my clients don’t ?). So I have move to VPC development. I have a virtual machine per project, running the same OS and tools as my clients and I keep my machine clean with what OS and software I decide to use for my personal benefit. Only trouble moving to Vista was that VPC 2004 doesnt run on Vista and I had to use the VPC 2007 beta ; gladfully, VPC 2007 is out in the open today, so there shouldn’t ber any worries about working with betas anymore. In case you ask, working on VPC isn’t any slower because my PC runs only a few tools and the VM only has one development environment whereas my old PC had to cope with 5 different database engines and 6 or 7 developement tools. So the overhead of the VPC is more than compensated by the dedication of it to one project.

  3. Mitch Denny Post author

    Matt – quit your job, go find somewhere that is more stimulating 🙂 Actually I am working on a government project at the moment and we pretty much refused to get started unless they at least went to Windows XP. Next step – Vista 🙂

  4. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Damien,

    That is a pretty good approach, although I do like the instant on feel of a mobile computer which pretty much forces me to use my tools on the host OS (mostly).

    I do have a second laptop though and I load whatever I need onto that. At the moment that is Windows 2003 Server with TFS.

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  6. danny

    I’m on Vista but somehow i don’t go “WOW”. To me it feels like what windows ME was during the days. Just my 2cents guys. You might have better experience on it.It’s totally individual likes and dislikes i guess.

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